Shipping any item to someone can be risky. The more valuable the item, the riskier the shipment. While shipping insurance is available and recommended for transporting valuable items, it is costly. Framed art is a common item that is either destroyed or at least depreciated through the shipping process. This article lists steps for packing framed art with glass for shipping. Follow these steps:

1. Tape all glass

Before even looking for a box that fits the artwork, obtain painter’s tape and cover the glass areas of the artwork with a double layer of painter’s tape. A double layer will ensure that if the glass frame cracks or shatters, then it will remain together. If the glass frame shatters without tape, the shards can actually tear through the artwork. As well, painter’s tape is easily removed and will not leave undesired residues and markings on the frame.

2. Comfort the artwork

After taping the glass frame with a double layer of painter’s tape, wrap the entire piece of artwork with soft material such as bubble wrap. This will decrease the chances of the glass shattering and the artwork being ruined.

3. Pick a box with appropriate dimensions.

Now, find or purchase a box that is only slightly larger than the art on all sides. This way, there will be room for the outer box to absorb a force without the artwork taking the hit. As well, there is room for a soft filling material to be placed to absorb the load.

4. Fill in excess space with soft material

Once you place your glass framed artwork in the box, there will be small areas around the entire artwork on all sides for more bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Note well, that you will have to place the soft material into the box before the artwork. This will give the artwork a comfy seat to lay on during shipping. As well, fill in the rest of the crevices with more bubble wrap. You will need to purchase plenty of bubble wrap because you do not want to skimp on the support for the artwork. The Home Depot carries large amounts of bubble wrap. Tape up the box with shipping tape on all creases of the box.

5. Communicate with the shipping company

You are almost finished. The very last step is to inform the shipping company that your piece is very fragile and should be handled with caution. For one, cheap movers in Dallas TX  say you should purchase fragile stickers or make your own. These stickers can be purchased at Walmart and should stick out like a sore thumb. Secondly, you should speak with someone, either in person or via a phone call to alert the shipping company that this item is fragile and to inform them of what your package looks like.

Following these steps to packing and shipping your piece of glass framed artwork will ensure safe delivery and a happier customer or receiver. As a receiver, there is nothing better than finding out that the shipper took the extra time to package the product appropriately

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